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Welcome to e-learnuk

Thank you for visiting e-learnuk.

We are an online e-learning company that provides creative, affordable e-learning via our own online service - allowing you and your organisation to access learning wherever you have connection to the Internet.

We work with subject matter experts to develop creative, interesting e-learning courses that help students quickly absorb the information. All courses include interactive elements such as drag and drop exercises, quizes, video, and include a final competence assessment as standard.

This final competence assessment ensures students have understood the course and the key principles and messages have been transferred and absorbed, so ensuring that you have got what you paid for.

All students successfully completing both the quiz, and the final competence assessment, gain access to their personal course certificate, which they can download, save and print off.

All courses also come with a comprehensive student tracking facility, allowing selected people in your organisation to track course take-up, progress against each chapter, and course completion - at a glance for all registered students, or by drilling down to view an individual student's progress.

Your course administration burden is also minimised through clever use of course registration credentials and registration limits. This allows you to communicate a single set of registration details to your intended students and they can then register themselves, without further intervention from you. Setting registration limits also give you peace of mind that only the specified number of students can register. This coupled with the student tracking facility provides you with control, without it being a burden.

As all of our courses run on our server and can be accessed wherever you have an Internet connection, we provide you with an excellent e-learning service without the cost or hassle of having to run it yourself.

All of our courses run in a standard Internet browser (with Java, Flash and cookies enabled, as applicable) and as they are designed to run over the web, have small file sizes meaning they load quickly and put less strain on your organisation's Internet connection.

To find out more about us, and the courses we offer, please browse the links at the top right of the page, or contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.