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Coming Soon - We are working on a number of leadership course and hope to have these available soon. The aim is to include modules covering the principles of leadership, leadership best practice, personality type assessment, strengths evaluation and 360 degree feedback.

Once these modules are available, full details will be available on this page. Please come back in the future to check availability.

Key Benefits of our Packages

Fully Certificated Learning - every individual completing the package to the required standard receives a personalised certificate of achievement.

Regularly Updated Content – our packages are regularly updated, for example, when new legislation comes into force, ensuring that all content is always fully up-to-date - at no extra cost.

Learner Progress Tracking – our packages come complete with a management tracking system enabling you to comprehensively track the progress of every individual undertaking a course.

Interactive Learning – all packages are fully interactive and suit a wide range of individual learning styles.  They are easy to use for people with all levels of IT experience.

Cost Effectiveness – all packages offer excellent value for money when compared to arranging traditional face-to-face classroom training.